Stairs Online UK

imagine a world without stairs.......

first impressions count. that's why at stairs online uk we work hard to design stairs that leave a lasting impression, long after you've opened the doors to your home. of course we also realise that stairs are not just a pretty face, they have an important function.

at stairs online uk we are forward thinkers who like building stairs and love open spaces. that's why we use sustainable resourses to create staircases of outstanding beauty, which at the same time preserves our open spaces for generations to come.

one call solves it all......

one simple call is all it takes to receive our:

  • Hassle free solution to ordering your staircase
  • Free site survey providing an instant estimate
  • Free technical advice and support
  • Guarenteed quality, design and manfacture to meet all Building Regulations
  • Full responsibility taken for measurement and specification
  • Delivery from just 10 days on standard stock flights


don't delay contact stairs online uk today on 01205 363999

5 easy steps to your new flight of stairs
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